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This writing retreat was for all students (and non-students), studying at any level within any faculty. It was a space to develop writing skills and also to meet other students and academic staff at the Open University.

In this first session we started off lightly and weren't focused on academic work (hurrah!). Despite the fact that many people don’t write by hand nowadays, writing is still a quick, easy and fun thing to do. Writing for pleasure can be immensely satisfying, whether this is a journal or more creative pieces. We looked at some of the basics at getting started and being clear, and how to develop your own voice and choose your words.

If you missed the event, click here to catch-up.

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This October the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) are launching a range of exciting new curriculum which can be studied from October 2018. This includes three new BA Honours qualifications; Music, Criminology and Economics!

If you are thinking about what to study next, this event is a great opportunity to find out more about the new curriculum and talk to the academics who were involved in creating it. We will also be discussing new elements to some of the qualifications at Masters Level.

The event is online, interactive and open to everyone. The chat room will be open from 12.30pm and during the live event you can send your tweets to @StudentHubLive (#StudentHubLive18), email us at, complete the online voting tools, send us your comments, and take part in the online discussions.

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Summer break is almost here! Are you submitting final assignments but also beginning to think about next steps in October? If so, this event on 14 June will offer practical advice and suggestions to those who are either transitioning between modules, or preparing to start OU study after the summer break. The event will cover a range of topics for those who want to use their time off over the summer to improve on some key skills, or just a little extra guidance. Sessions covered will include:

  • What happens after your module final assessment - Exploring the marking and standardisation processes which takes place to ensure you are awarded the grade that you deserve for your submitted work
  • Moving on from Access – Discussing what is different at level 1 and what should you consider as you embark on a qualification
  • Getting ready to start your studies with the OU – Advice and guidance on how to prepare for your studies effectively and what tools and resources are on offer to OU Students
  • Moving up – Answering questions about moving to the next level of study and how to focus on key skills for each stage of study
  • Study intensity – Advice on how to cope and being successful when the pressure is on if Studying full time or overlapping modules

The event is online, interactive and open to everyone. The chat room will be open from 9am and during the live event you can send your tweets to @StudentHubLive (#StudentHubLive18), email us at, complete the online voting tools, send us your comments, and take part in the online discussions.

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On Friday 25 May, the Student Hub Live (SHL) studio discussed all things exams related! Whether you have an exam coming up and want a little extra support, or you have some good advice for those feeling a bit nervous, this was a great opportunity to share tips and gain practical advice from SHL guests and fellow students.

Guests discussed exam related topics such as; issues which affect exam preparation and performance; what Psychology tells us about memory and recall; what Biology tells us about stress; and what Sports Science can tell us about sleep, diet and exercise. There was also a session on planning to help you prepare.

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What is Brexit, where does it come from, and what could it mean in everyday life? On Friday 25 May (9:30am – 12pm) a team of OU academics were in the Student Hub Live studio to discuss what has happened since the vote, how Brexit is already changing us, and what to expect in the future.

Researchers from across the Arts and Social Sciences considered how work in their areas can help explain how we got to this point and what to expect next. Topics covered included: the story so far; trust in experts and the growth of conspiracy theories; geographical and psychological splits in the referendum vote; Brexit’s practical effects on everyday life and work; and how to plan for what happens next? Throughout the event, a series of short videos looked at how Brexit is experienced differently across Great Britain and Ireland. Look at how Brexit is changing the UK, the wider world, and to better understand how your academic studies relate to the challenges that lie ahead.


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Are you ready for your Exam? Think you could do with little extra support? Student Hub Live can help!

Exam2: In this session we will be focusing on the actual exam day, including practicalities about time and venue. We’ll look at the experience of sitting an exam and how to manage your time within the exam as well as get the most from what you have in your head and getting it on paper and hopefully gaining you marks. You should be able to go away from this session knowing what to expect from an OU exam and having a clear idea of how to sit an exam.

These sessions are open to all students, studying at all levels. The workshops will be hosted in Adobe Connect Online Room and take place 8-9pm Wednesday 23rd May (rooms open at 7.45pm). If you are unable to join us, you can catch up at any time.

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