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Opening up Classical Studies - April 1st 2019 - trailer

FASS Research: Belonging, Beauty, Technology, Inequalities - 11 March 2019

What’s (not) working? trailer - 13 March 2019

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Your end of module assessment (EMA) is important because of the marks it attracts and as a final piece of work that allows you to show your understanding of your complete module. In this interactive workshop we will look at ways in which EMAs might differ from TMAs and how to balance broad themes with detail required to address the question.

The session will run from 7 to 8pm and will be held online, in the Student Hub Live online room.

Please note you will need a ticket to attend event. The tickets will become available on 24th April 2019.

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eSTEeM is the STEM Faculty’s scholarship and innovation centre. Established in 2010, we aim to bring together academics to promote innovation, scholarship and enterprise in STEM open and distance learning.

Our portfolio of projects includes work on assessment, technologies for STEM learning and improved methods of student support. Many of our scholarship projects focus on how we can enhance the student experience, with an increasing number investigating and evaluating innovative approaches to teaching and learning in STEM. 

eSTEeM is seeking to directly involve our students in the STEM scholarship agenda and is already working closely with OUSA representatives to ensure our work reflects the student voice. In this session, the eSTEeM Directors will provide more information about the work of eSTEeM and discuss the wide-ranging initiatives planned for the year ahead, aimed at increasing student engagement in scholarship.   

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An Access module is the best way to prepare for studying an Open University qualification. These modules help students develop study skills and learn about a wide range of subjects. 

This Student Hub Live event will give Access students the chance to listen to colleagues involved in writing and managing the modules talk about how to get the most out of them. Whether it’s tips on how to make sure you are answering the assessment question set, reflecting on how to reflect, or thinking about how to use evidence, we are sure you will find this event helpful. There will also be a chance to grab some tips from the module teams on how to get the most out of your learning.

If you are studying Access, don’t miss it!

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If you are unsure about how an EMA differs from a TMA, or are worried about a forthcoming exam, come to the SHL exams and EMAs event on 13 May where topics will include: 

  • How an EMA is different to a TMA, and tips for writing holistically 

  • Planning your time and creating a realistic strategy 

  • The revision process 

  • Performing well in exam conditions 

  • Everything you need to know about doing EMAs and exams with the OU, and how the SST can support you 

The event is online, live and interactive and you can talk to other students as well as ask questions to the guests. Log in any time you would like to; see the website for more information about the timings of each session.  

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Join us to see what makes the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences prOUd to fulfil the Open University’s mission to be open to people, places, methods and ideas. From Stonewall to providing educational opportunities to students in secure environments, we will explore how FASS has led on making research and teaching open to everyone. In the FASS Forward and FASS Rewind sessions, we explore how teaching the arts and social sciences has changed and how FASS academics have been in the vanguard of pushing the boundaries in their respective disciplines. Come along and find out how we defined the cutting-edge in 1969 compared to the cutting-edge today, while also trying to spot the true/false facts in each session. How many reasons to be prOUd will you find?

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This exam workshop will discuss both the practical aspects of preparing for your upcoming exam as well as how to ensure you give yourself the best chance to deliver on the day. Just as athletes prepare for their critical races; psychology, skills and time all play their part in ensuring you maximise your performance. You can take away ideas and discuss with other students in small groups how you might apply some of these in your own preparation.

The session will run from 7 to 8pm and will be held online, in the Student Hub Live online room.

Please note you will need a ticket to attend event. The tickets will become available on 8th May 2019.

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Catch up

Academic argument or line of enquiry is an important skill within most essays but is not about arguing. Identifying your narrative is about how you structure the argument from an essay writing perspective and develop this in a persuasive manner. This interactive workshop would be ideal for those at level 2 and 3, although it is never too early to start developing a good argument. 

The session will run from 20:30 to 21:30pm and will be held online, in the Student Hub Live online room.

To book on the event please click here. When booking, don't forget to click Follow button to get notified about the upcoming events.

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Classical Studies offer rich and exciting opportunities to learn about the histories and cultures of the ancient world, and to develop a wide range of skills in critical thinking, communication, and cultural awareness. In this unique live-streamed event, the Classical Studies department at The Open University joins with the Advocating Classics Education project to showcase a variety of approaches to studying the classical past, from Greek drama to ancient religion, and hears from Professor Edith Hall about the benefits of studying Greek philosophy in the modern world. The event will welcome audiences and participants from schools across the country, in addition to OU students, as well as offering the opportunity for teachers to find out more about introducing Classical Civilisation into their curriculum.

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Whether you’re just starting or part way through your module it’s an ideal time of year to reflect on what is going well with your study and what isn’t quite working for you. You may or may not be at where you want or need to be but in this workshop we’ll offer some suggestions for practical solutions.

The group work and plenary were not recorded. However the first part of the workshop is available to watch/catch-up here (click on 'view previous recordings' button).

The slides from the event are available here.

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