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Moving on, Summer study - 10th June - trailer

FASS showcase - 10th June - trailer

Preparing for exams and demonstrating skills in a high pressure situation - 22nd May - trailer

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If you are wrapping up your module before the summer and thinking about how to make the most of your time between your final assessment and your next module, then this event is for you! We’ll talk to tutors, students and academics about preparing for level 2 and 3, revisiting important material from your previous module (including your TMAs), and developing your skill set using OpenLearn resources. We’ll have members of the student support team on hand to answer your questions about registering for your next module.

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As we move into our next 50 years, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences has exciting new qualifications and modules for you to study across a range of subjects from October 2019. On 10 June, join the academics who have been researching and writing them to help you plan your studies – we’ll explore the new degrees in Criminology and Sociology, and in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics. We’ll also delve into the new core Level 1 modules “Discovering the Arts and Humanities” and “Introduction to Criminology”, and new modules at Levels 2 and 3 where we’ll look at telling stories, modern political ideas, environmental policy, economics in context, and so much more!

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Inequality, climate change, wars, democracy in chaos – we all feel something needs to change. In his new book A Golden Civilisation, George Kinder, ‘father of Life Planning’, challenges us to tackle today’s ills through radical change to economics, democracy and ourselves. Hear Kinder in an interview with the OU’s Alan Shipman and Paul-Francois Tremlett on 10 June. 

This URL provides direct access to this session. Please note that in order to interact with the guests via chat and take part in the question pools, you will need to log-in to SHL site.  

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Catch up

This exam workshop will discuss both the practical aspects of preparing for your upcoming exam as well as how to ensure you give yourself the best chance to deliver on the day. Just as athletes prepare for their critical races; psychology, skills and time all play their part in ensuring you maximise your performance. You can take away ideas and discuss with other students in small groups how you might apply some of these in your own preparation.

To book on the 7pm event please click here. If you would like to be notified about future events, you can click the ‘Follow’ button.

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Join us to see what makes the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences prOUd to fulfil the Open University’s mission to be open to people, places, methods and ideas. From Stonewall to providing educational opportunities to students in secure environments, we will explore how FASS has led on making research and teaching open to everyone. In the FASS Forward and FASS Rewind sessions, we explore how teaching the arts and social sciences has changed and how FASS academics have been in the vanguard of pushing the boundaries in their respective disciplines. Come along and find out how we defined the cutting-edge in 1969 compared to the cutting-edge today, while also trying to spot the true/false facts in each session. How many reasons to be prOUd will you find?

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If you are unsure about how an EMA differs from a TMA, or are worried about a forthcoming exam, come to the SHL exams and EMAs event on 13 May where topics will include: 

  • how an EMA is different to a TMA, and tips for writing holistically 
  • planning your time and creating a realistic strategy 
  • the revision process 
  • performing well in exam conditions 
  • everything you need to know about doing EMAs and exams with the OU, and how the SST can support you.

The event is online, live and interactive and you can talk to other students as well as ask questions to the guests. Log in any time you would like to; see the website for more information about the timings of each session.

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