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Opening up Classical Studies - April 1st 2019 - trailer

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(re) Orientation Induction - 4th February 2019

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The Open University is open to everyone yet who belongs and where are not questions that can be taken for granted.  It is important to understand how feelings of belonging are fostered or discouraged.  What role might beauty, art, technology and inequalities play in including and excluding people from a sense of belonging to groups and wider society?  This event will showcase FASS research around the theme of belonging – how people build and experience a sense of belonging, what they might belong to and what barriers might people from feeling they belong.

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Whether you’re just starting or part way through your module it’s an ideal time of year to reflect on what is going well with your study and what isn’t quite working for you. You may or may not be at where you want or need to be but in this workshop we’ll offer some suggestions for practical solutions.

The session will run twice - from 7 to 8pm and from 8.30 to 9.30pm, and will be held online, in the Student Hub Live online room.

Please note you will need a ticket to attend event. The tickets will become available on 27th February 2019.

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Classical Studies offer rich and exciting opportunities to learn about the histories and cultures of the ancient world, and to develop a wide range of skills in critical thinking, communication, and cultural awareness. In this unique live-streamed event, the Classical Studies department at the Open University joins with the Advocating Classics Education project to showcase a variety of approaches to studying the classical past, from Greek drama to ancient religion, and hears from Professor Edith Hall about the benefits of studying Greek philosophy in the modern world. The event will welcome audiences and participants from schools across the country, in addition to OU students, as well as offering the opportunity for teachers to find out more about introducing Classical Civilisation into their curriculum.

If you are interested in participating in this event with your school group, please contact or

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Catch up

When it comes to improving your work sometimes knowing what to do with your tutor’s feedback is tricky. In this workshop we will discuss some common types of feedback and suggest both quick fixes and ways of making more substantial shifts. Come and discuss study journeys with others from different subjects and levels and pick up new ideas about using feedback.

The group work and plenary were not recorded. However the first part of the workshop is available to watch/catch-up here (click on 'view previous recordings' button).

The slides from the event are available here.

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This event will outline some of the key things you need to know about studying at the Open University, how to make the most of the support that is available, and most of all to talk to other students at this online, interactive, live event.  Play against the teams in the studio in the Wheel of Ologies quiz, find out about research and innovation, plus much more. These live, online interactive events are a great opportunity to meet others, share your own experiences and talk to other students.

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This workshop will focus on essay planning. It is aimed at those already planning but maybe not doing themselves justice with that planning. It will look at how to ensure the essay is aligned with what is being asked for and including the critical information.

The group work and plenary were not recorded. However the first part of the workshop is available to watch/catch-up here (click on 'view previous recordings' button).

The slides from the event are available here

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